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Exclusive channels specialized in live video contents

Live Video Content Platform

airtango’s live video content platform manages, organizes and delivers live video-streams, especially for mobile devices. Local, regional, personalized and targeted adverts are strategically attached and placed in the live video streams. Making ads relevant and attractive for viewers.

Live App

airtango offers a diverse array of predominantly live video contents supplied to the audience by people like yourself, creative, open-minded, curios, talented from all walks of life. You’ll find great stuff to watch organized by sports, entertainment and travel. Select your favorite channel. Lean back and enjoy!

And if you love zapping, that’s a unique feature airtango offers, too! Just try it.

Meet Our Families

Introducing the live video content families. There is sports, entertainment and travel - all airtango and they’re all related.


The excitement of athletic competition LIVE on dozens of exclusive channels for your spectating pleasure.


Watch amazing acts performing LIVE on stage, from studios, clubs or from their living rooms.


All you need to do is open the airtango app to come along LIVE to exotic, adventurous, spectacular and wonderful places.

Our Business

Exclusive channels and predominantly live content

Worldwide or specific location based distribution

In addition to worldwide distribution, the airtango platform can distribute a wide selection of exclusive channels in exclusive locations. airports, trade fairs, events, shopping malls or even hospitals, are examples of exclusive locations where selected programs can be offered.

Local Based Advertisement

airtango is free of charge, but is paid by advertisement. Our advertising partners are companies and service providers from your region. That equates to directer and more interesting ads for both you and our partners.

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