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No matter if you’re in entertainment, sports or corporate - If you aim to be successful you need an audience!

Everybody knows that there’s no better way to acquire an audience than performing for an audience. Streaming is changing the way artists, performers, creators and corporations perform and communicate with their audiences. airtango is changing the way audiences appreciate streaming. Join the growing group of talented people as an airtango channelmaster or creator. Benefit directly from your engagement with your audience.

See it first on airtango where it’s nonstop primetime.


An airtango channelmaster is a person or group of people who see themselves as curators, gatekeepers, editors, tastemakers – in short the channel-boss. When you’re channelmaster you outline, design, and decide what’s broadcasted on your own exclusive airtango channel. You choose and select your content, look for interesting and talented performers in fields and genres you find interesting and attractive.

And the best is, you and your creators profit directly when your audience tunes in!

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airtango creators can be found both in-front and behind the camera. Extraordinary and talented individuals or groups who are looking for opportunities to perform on-line and deserve attention and a better way to shine! Together with other creators and an airtango channelmaster your team reaches an audience on-line and you and your income grow!

When your content is seen first on airtango you create an impact, your audience grows, and so does your income!

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