Living Networks

Experience your world #LIVE.

Live application

Live and exclusive contents, Instant Offers.

Live Points

Delivers exclusive content, on the spot,

to local users and viewers.

Living Networks

airtango delivers an array of exciting entertainment, events, sports, information,
instant-offers and more exclusive content live and in real-time.

airtango is aiming to play a major role in the fastest growing digital market, world-wide LIVE/ real time video content. The airtango platform, manages, organizes and delivers video content through the internet or via the exclusive airtango Live-Points*.

airtango Live-Points* are centrally managed using firmware and airtango software architecture.

airtango channels are available on all device types; smart-phones, tablets, desk-tops and smart-TVs. airtango’s unique channel universe consists of both exclusive and licensed content, majority of which are LIVE.  Exciting and popular topics including sports, entertainment, travel, e-games, fashion, life-style and many more will inform, entertain and satisfy all age groups and genders the world over.

Revenue is derived from geographic and content-personalized advertisement injection. Just as ‘classic’ TV and on most online portals, the viewer receives commercial messages and advertisement during their viewing experience.

Revenue for airtango is derived from geographic and content-personalized advertisement injection. Just as ‘classic’ TV and on most online portals, the viewer receives commercial messages and advertisement during their viewing experience Personalized advertisement is selected based on type of content, viewer’s general interests and online search history.  The Intelligent integration of advertising servers (ad-servers) is an integral part of the airtango architecture, thus allowing advert targeting based on interest, location and time.

Live Application

Exclusive channels and predominantly LIVE content

The well designed airtango player is intuitional. The functions and features need little explanation.  The combination of well- known linear TV features and the assorted exclusive, curated airtango channels enable a personal selection and will make viewing airtango an exciting experience. Every channel is curated by airtango channelmasters* and consists of both LIVE and re-Live content.  A variety of content is also available for download to personal devices, thus enabling viewing when internet access is limited or unavailable, for example while traveling on airplanes.

airtango’s primary focus is on channels with significant LIVE content with topics from entertainment, sports, travel etc. Whenever it enters an airtango channel, all new content is registered on the ‘Relevance-Curve’. The ‘Relevance-Curve’ defines market impact of content by following the contents viewer appreciation from the first moment onward, thus securing maximum value for brands and advertisers. When the curve diminishes, the content is released to third party sites. The publishing administration rights remain with airtango for, a majority, of channels and contents.

This procedure offers a variety of benefits, and guarantees a continuous and interesting flow of fresh content to keep viewers attracted to airtango.

Creatives interested, can apply to run their own channel. Or as a creator contribute to a channel of their choice on airtango. airtango Channels* are a unique opportunity for any creatives to develop, nourish and run their own programs as an airtango channelmaster* with any number of registered creators. The goal being to reach a maximum audience and income!

Exclusive Channels



e. g. Basketball,


Singers &


e-game competitions,
Travel experiences and adventures,
culinary experiences,
cooking & baking,
and many more!


Languages etc.


and many more!

Live Points

deliver content to on-location users

airtango creates and operates Live Points wherever many people live, work, meet or just spend time with the use of media. Each Live Point provides the local users with the exclusive content of airtango either via an existing WiFi or as a stand-alone solution which just needs a power connection.

Additionally, Live Points are a refill station for media; most of the content can be downloaded in order to be consumed later (e. g. during travel). Operators of local WiFi hotspots, who offer their customers free WiFi, will be able to refinance the costs associated with this service.

Strategic Areas of Application

Adapted solutions for selected locations


  • Ultra high speed download for media and exclusive content
  • Attractive services innovative advert formats
  • Increase of retailers revenues
  • Development of specific airport channels
  • Attractive solutions to help improve the passenger experience


  • Large array of entertainment and destination content
  • Content distribution and system for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD)
  • Exclusive shopping experience both on- and offline
  • Free WiFi for passengers further inclusive services as, for example, crew tablets


  • Display of the event on the Live Map in real time
  • Detailed information of the event
  • High speed WiFi with extensive coverage
  • “Media service station” for entertainment media
  • Significant improvement of customer experience


  • Production of own high quality content
  • Development of suitable additional applications
  • Support with ticketing, merchandising and CRM